What our clients say

If you like good ice-cream then this place is a must. There are many delicious flavours, which makes it hard to choose. It is very popular in the evenings, as people like to get an ice-cream and then stroll along the harbour. Well worth a visit.

Fen L

My daughter and I stopped at Dolce Latte for an ice-cream and a crepe on our way back to our hotel one evening. They had a good selection of delicious gelato at reasonable prices (€3 for 2 scoops in a cup) and the crepe my daughter had was also very good (€3.90). If you have a need for a dessert then Dolce Latte will satisfy your desires.

Martin R

It's the place to go for a scoop (or two) of delicious ice cream. They've got a ton of favours to choose from, including some which meet dietary needs and some specials. They've also got crepes which are freshly made and very filling.

Kay B

Clean place, great service and tasty delicious ice-cream 😍.
Not the first and surely not the last attendance !!
Two thumbs up 👍👍

Mark Anthony Sultana

Today Is The First Day 🙂 But Not The Last. No Doubt One Of The BEST Ice Cream And Crepes On The Island. We Took Crepe ''Nutella'' 😋, Crepe ''Oreo'' 😍 And Crepe ''Baci'' 😍 And Ice Cream ''Toffee'' 😋 All Crunchy And Many Filled 😋😋The Staff Is So Friendly 🙂 , The Shop Is Very Clean , And Stuffed With Sweets. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP #GelateriaDolceLatte 10 Out Of 10 Well Done And Thankyou 😊

Jessica Zammit Zdion

This is the top ice cream shop for me cause they have lactose free and vegan ice creams which are amazing! I just go from dingli to marsakala just for the ice cream.

Marilyn Scicluna

Bliss - top notch ice-creams and crepes. Glad we have something of the sort in the South!

Paul Calleja

No doubt one of the best ice creams on the island lots of varieties and the crepes are amazing. I highly recommend anyone to try this ice cream shop

Joseph Mbong