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In 1969, Toninu, the founder of Dolce Latte, started his ice cream business as a hawker on the island. His ice cream became very popular because of the quality of the ingredients used, which made his product special. The little dongle he played on his way caused the waiting children to jump and shout for joy … “The ice cream man is on his way.” This little memory still echoes in the minds of adults today, stirring nostalgic feelings in their hearts when they bring it up again. In 1992, Toninu’s dream came true when he opened his ice cream parlour on the promenade of the beautiful village of Marsascala in the south of Malta. The small boathouse was transformed into an ice cream parlour and shop, which over the years became well known and loved by locals and even visitors from all over the world. Toninu still believes in the same statement that the health of the customers takes precedence over profit. He has passed this statement on to his son Guzeppi, who runs the business together with his father Toninu.